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ZUEN Pet Bathing Tool Comfortable Massager Shower Tool Cleaning Washing Bath Sprayers Dog Brush Pet Supplies - B07XX3NT27

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  • Please adjust the appropriate mixing ratio of hot water before use. You can turn off the water by creating a gray button, and use the big grease to control the use of water. Change the tradition, control the pet with one hand, operate with one hand, not afraid of two hands busy but the dog is moving!

  • Synchronized with the water and massage, the bath residue can be completely removed, so that the skin can be kept clean and the chance of skin disease is greatly reduced. The automatic bathing design completely subverts the traditional bathing method, so that you can easily take care of your pet at home and rinse the massage. In one, quickly disintegrate and apply shower gel, thoroughly rinse the skin while massage

  • The soft rubber head disperses the shower gel and massages to clean the skin and hair. The ergonomic brush board is easy to get started. It is easy to adjust the water flow to ensure the comfort of the pet bath. The material is safe and environmentally friendly.

  • There are many giant long-haired dogs to raise. The water rushed to the dog for ten minutes. The surface is saturated. When I looked at it, the inner layer was still dry. ! 10 minutes! The hair is still not wet! Take a shower for at least 40 minutes! Oh my God! Dog bathing is a "big" project, and there are many things to prepare at home. Used for bathing, massage... It is called tired, squeezes the shower gel with a gap, and the dog turns over the river to pour water. In fact, if you think about

  • The direct flow of the hair layer is synchronized with the massage, and the water flows directly to the skin, which can completely remove the residual bath liquid and wash out the cleaner and healthy hair! Energy-saving and trouble-saving pets of the same size can save 50% of water and save 40% of body wash than before. The time required is only 1/3 of the traditional one. It is also suitable for a wide range of big dog puppies! The long-haired and short-haired effects are very good, and a set o

  • Name: Automatic shower
    Baby specifications: elastic rubber massage head stainless steel electrolytic shower tube diameter 14mm length 1.2-1.4 meters
    Working water temperature: 0-8 degrees Celsius between the dog bath water temperature is recommended to control at 36-38 degrees Celsius baby color: blue, pink (random color when shipped)
    Baby introduction: The three functions are all in one, completely subverting the traditional shower method.
    Designed with one-handed bath in mind for easy operation - flushing, bathing, rinsing,
    It's easy for one person to get it.
    The elastic cone-shaped massage head is suitable for different hairs, so that your dog can enjoy the shower comfortably and comfortably.
    When the button is pressed and the water circulates, the water flowing out of the button is official. Water does not flow when the button is closed

    ZUEN Pet Bathing Tool Comfortable Massager Shower Tool Cleaning Washing Bath Sprayers Dog Brush Pet Supplies - B07XX3NT27

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