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Jcloris Claw Care - B07WX75Z3Q

  • Product Code: B07WX75Z3Q
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£46.55 £15.22 Ex Tax: £15.22

  • Designed to safely, painlessly and quickly cut nails of any type or thickness, and contains pet nail files to add fine-grained buffs. If you are not 100% satisfied, please return a full refund

  • These claw scissors are very sharp and durable! Smoothly and cleanly cut the toughest nails, never worry about cutting too deep

  • Stop safely to prevent pain: you can quickly edit without needing a quick cut. Clamp quickly and confidently and lock them to add a security lock to protect the blade

  • Perfect pet nail clipper for dogs, cats, birds, rodents: Yes, you can grip any paw with a pet nail clipper - you know, these scissors can trim it

  • Pet nail clippers have been carefully crafted to take care of your pet and perform safety tests.

  • Material: Stainless steel
    Product Category: Nail clippers
    Specification: 7.1X15.3

    Jcloris Claw Care - B07WX75Z3Q

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