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WDPD Dog Beauty Salon Scissors 7.0 Inch Scissors Tooth Scissors Bent Scissors 5 Piece Set - Pet Beautician Or Family DIY - B07XD6QZX1

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  • The trimming scissors kit includes: 1 straight scissors, 1 refinement scissors, 1 curved scissors point, 1 curved scissors point, 1 combing comb, 1 scissor box. Does not include oil. We are very sorry about this.

  • The scissors blade is very smooth, sharp and durable. This process reduces the friction of cutting the pet's hair. Cold treatment ensures the hardness and durability of the scissors. The scissors have a strong balance and the surface is bright and smooth.

  • The engineering structure allows you to grab them very comfortably and reduce labor intensity. This design ensures minimal risk of repeated motion injuries.

  • High-quality stainless steel blade - Durable, long-term attention to scissors does not need to be oiled, will greatly extend the life of the scissors

  • The high-quality silencer pad makes pet scissors easier and more durable, and your pet won't be afraid of the manufacturer's warranty because it is an electric pet grooming scissors.

  • Specification:

    ★Product Name: Pet Beauty Set

    ★Material: Stainless steel + rubber

    ★ Size: 7 inches


    ★ Straight scissors: suitable for European hands and various beauty needs. For finishing, forming and patterning...

    ★ Scissors: Mainly used to make hair thinner.

    ★Scissors that bend upwards: the blades are bent upwards, mainly for sensitive parts, eyes, nose, face, ears, underarms

    ★ Scissors that bend downwards: mainly used to trim and shape the fur of the face, four legs, around the contours of the dog's body.

    This package includes:

    ★ 1x straight scissors

    ★1X tooth scissors

    ★ 2X bending scissors

    ★ 1X row comb

    ★ 1X wipe

    ★ 1x'' black leather case


    Ordinary maintenance is usually carried out after using scissors. Please use sheepskin to wipe. If it will affect the sharpness of the scissors during maintenance, the unnatural force will bring unbalanced jade force to the scissors. These are the main reasons why scissors are prone to wear. The best way to clean the scissors is to use a soft sheepskin cloth to wipe from the tip to the other end. Place your thumb on the knife face and wipe it outward. The refinement scissors in the knife are also the same as Bay Clean. Above the knife face, then wipe it outward. A part of the cutter is also cleaned from the inside out. Clean the scissors several times a day with a soft cloth, but of course the number of cleanings depends on the number of times you use the day. When wiping, fold the soft cloth two or four times to avoid hurting yourself during the cleaning process.

    WDPD Dog Beauty Salon Scissors 7.0 Inch Scissors Tooth Scissors Bent Scissors 5 Piece Set - Pet Beautician Or Family DIY - B07XD6QZX1

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